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Welcome to The InternSource

A full-service program that recruits, hires and manages student interns for government and private industry. Organizations benefit from the talent, energy and enthusiasm of student interns while students gain knowledge and insights from working in their chosen field of study.

The InternSource employs students who work in a variety of positions that include general clerical, engineering, project management, accounting, computer programming and many others. Students participating in the program attend community colleges, universities and private colleges.

We draft student job bulletins and mail them to more than 100 public and private higher education institutions. We target students specific to your needs. The employee selection process is entirely at the discretion of your organization. For example, if your company would like an intern majoring in engineering from a college in Alameda County, we can find you that student. Additionally, we post job openings on our web site so students can easily access job information at any time.

A student intern program at your organization would:
  • Provide part-time temporary help to meet workload demands
  • Develop a cost-effective, flexible staffing system
  • Help prepare your industry's future work force
  • Energize existing staff by working with motivated and enthusiastic students
  • Contribute positively to your community and students
  • Build ties with universities and colleges
  • Establish a future recruitment pool

Our fees are extremely reasonable. The contract dollars do not have to come out of your personnel budget, thus allowing more flexibility in your departmental budget.

The InternSource prides itself on being detail oriented and attentive to all our customer needs. If your department requires special services, we can customize the program to meet your specific wishes. For example, if your organization has a statewide presence, we can place multiple supervisors under one master contract. If a contract manager prefers, we can work directly with the supervisors/coordinators and then communicate all pertinent actions to them.

Our program is uniquely designed to best serve your needs.

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you what your current student intern staffing needs are within your organization and how we can service them.

Please submit a request for additional information through our Contract Form.